Pro Property Management (PPM) strives to have a  quality working relationship with our Preferred Vendor / Subcontractor Partners.  In order to qualify as a Preferred Vendor you would have to agree to the following terms:
Policies and Procedures:

1. Provide your Federal Tax ID Number (TIN – Complete an IRS Form W9 see attached).

2. Provide copies of your Business Licensing (if applicable).

3. Provide copies of at least $1,000,000 in General Liability Insurance showing Pro Property Management as Additionally Insured.

4. Provide us a copy of your company’s Workers Compensation Insurance or other specialty policies required in your industry.

5. All Preferred Vendors need to be accessible by phone and / or email within a 24 hour period.

6. Preferred Vendors may receive authorization from property manager to enter home via lockbox key. This lockbox combination needs to be safeguarded wherever possible and keys need to be returned prior to leaving property.

7. No vendor will enter an occupied home without a resident over the age of 18 being present.

8. All work must be completed within 5 business days unless otherwise arranged with property manager and / or tenant.

9. All invoices must contain detailed breakout for labor, materials, taxes and permits.  A valid Work Order number must be on each invoice.

10. Estimates and pictures will be required for any work order costing more than our agreed upon approval level.

11. Preferred Vendors must warrant their labor and materials for 90 days after satisfactory completion and will further agree to repair or replace any defective workmanship or material without cost.

12. Preferred Vendors are not allowed to discuss property condition or repair approval with anyone other than PPM.  A positive attitude must be portrayed at all times while at the home!

13. Preferred Vendors agree that only work described on the work order is to be completed and before and after pictures will be loaded to the maintenance system. The Property Manager must approve any additional repair items needed prior to completion. On site tenant requests must “not” be honored without prior approval from Property Manager.

14. Vendors agree not to discuss any charge with anyone other than PPM.  We do not want the wrong thing to be implied or said without prior guidance from the Property Manager.

15. While at the property, please inform the Property Manager of any “preventative maintenance” needs noticed. i.e. – water leaks, dripping faucets, or faulty smoke alarms, etc. Report any unusual items such as pet odors or damage to the property caused by the tenant.

16. If it is necessary to turn off power or water to perform the work – notify the tenant(s).

17. Clean up before leaving the property.  Remove all scrap materials.  Be conscious of tracking mud, dirt or grease in to the home. If a tenant’s belongings need to be moved, return them when completed.

18. Make sure any windows or doors you open are appropriately locked and secured. Ensure all lights are turned off.  If vacant, leave the thermostats at 55 degrees during the winter months.

19. Preferred Vendors may not charge for estimates for repairs and may not further sub-contract out approved work orders without the written permission of PPM.


Billing Policies:
  1. Turn in your invoice within 3 – 5 business days on our Maintenance system.
  2. To assure prompt payment – the invoice needs to include the following:
    • Company Name, Mailing Address & Phone Number.
    • Service address and date of service.
    • Itemized breakdown of material and labor.
    • Summary of work completed & Work Order Number
  3. To submit an invoice, log in to your Vendor Portal by clicking on This link
    • After finishing the Meld in the system you will have the option to create or upload an invoice.


Payment Policies:
  • Expect payment within 5 – 30 days depending on the time of month your invoice is submitted and availability of funds.
  • Once payment is processed you will receive payment within 1 business day via ACH or up to 10 days via mail
  • All questions or payment follow-up may be directed to


If you have any general questions, please email or call 203-909-6333