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How Our Realtor Referral Program Works

01 Refer a Client to Us

Please fill out the referral form at the bottom of the page and let your client know to expect our call.

02 We Contact the Client

We'll call your customer and walk them through the flexible management options available for their home.

03 We Pay You

Earn $500 Referral Fee for Full Management, $250 for Lease Only and $100 for Vacant Home Management Contracts.

Why Refer Clients to Us?

Discover the benefits of our referral program

Don't Say Goodbye to Great Clients

Have a home that just won't sell? Refer your client to us and you can still earn future sales commissions. We'll handle the property management for your customer and refer future sales back to you.

Keep Your Interests Protected

Are you providing risky advice on federal housing guidelines, local ordinances, and insurance requirements? Don't put yourself at financial risk; instead, let us keep your client compliant and you protected against unnecessary liability.

We Create Detailed Contracts

We know partnering with a new team can be intimidating. We want you to have a great experience with us, which is why we create detailed contracts for our referral partners. Rest easy knowing we keep our word.

Protect Your Reputation

Don't put your hard-fought reputation at risk by working with an amateur property manager. We work hard to keep our clients satisfied and will reflect positively on your recommendation.

We'll Pay You for the Referral

If your client signs a property management contract with us, we'll pay you between $100 and $250 per new contract. Use the calculator below to determine your potential earnings.

How Much Can A Realtor Make?

  • *Earnings based on full property management contracts

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