Moving Checklist

Make your move as simple as possible.

We know moving is challenging.

We've helped countless tenants to move over the course of the past decade and we know moving comes with plenty of responsibilities. As you prepare to make your move, read through the information below.

Move-in Checklist

Congratulations on moving into a Pro Property Management rental home. Start your stay off right by keeping the following in mind.

One Month's Rent & Security Deposit

We require certified funds for one month's rent and a security deposit.  Confirm the amounts with us in advance, as we cannot release the keys without the full payment payable to PPM.

Lease Signing

You can review and electronically sign your lease on your portal.  There are a few addendums that will need to be completed in person, which you will do during your lease signing appointment at the property.

Rent Payment Policy

If rent is not received by the 9th in our office, you will be charged a late fee and a late notice fee. If rent is not received by the 15th in our office, you will receive a Notice to Quit from the marshall's office and be charged at least an additional $150 (varies by city).

When you do not pay by the date listed on the marshall notice, we will start an eviction and you will be charged an additional $1,200 (varies by city).

If you need to set up a payment plan, call our office as soon as possible to avoid some of these extra fees.

Resident Benefit Package

All PPM residents are enrolled in the Resident Benefits Package (RBP) for $49.95/month which includes renters’ insurance, pest control coverage, HVAC air filter delivery (if applicable), credit building, $1M Identity Protection, move-in concierge service for utility set-up, resident rewards program, flex rent and much more! Click this link for more details.


You are responsible for keeping all accounts associated with your rental home in good standing. We require you to provide us your utility account numbers during the lease signing so please come prepared with that information. (For example, Gas, Electric, Oil, Propane, Water, Sewer, Trash, etc)

Renter's Insurance Required

Renter insurance is required for all residents. You will automatically be enrolled into our master renter's insurance policy upon moving in.  If you prefer to use your own renter's insurance, please provide us with a copy of the policy and we will remove you from our coverage ($10/month RBP discount).

Move in Inspection / Maintenance Portal

ZInspector - you will receive a link to document your move in condition (this is for any existing cosmetic issues you want to ensure is not taken out of your security deposit).

Appfolio - you will also get an invite to your online tenant portal.  This will allow you to pay rent and report any repair issues (please be patient with us during your first month as you may find things we did not catch during our walk through inspection). If you have a maintenance emergency, call our office 203-909-6333 ext 3 as we do not check emails after hours.

Move-out Checklist

We're always saddened to see good tenants move on, but we do hope you've enjoyed your stay with us. Please take a moment to read the following instructions.

Notice of Intent to Vacate

  • Check your lease to determine your move-out date. You are required to provide written notice of your intent to vacate at least 30 days before your lease expires. You can submit your notice through your tenant portal or send an email to your Property Manager.
  • You are responsible for paying rent through that date, regardless of whether you leave the premises early.
  • Expired leases will automatically convert to a month to month agreement with a 3% to 10% rent increase.
  • If you have autopay set-up, please remember to remove it once your last month's rent is paid.

Property Condition

Before you can return your keys, you need to ensure your home is back in its original condition:

  • Rental Cleaning: Carefully clean every room in your rental home and remove all of your belongings, as well as garbage. Sanitize the bathrooms and kitchen and wipe down floors, walls, and ceilings. Please note we require all carpets to be professionally cleaned and tenants to provide the receipt upon move out.
  • Landscaping & Outdoor Areas: If you regularly address landscaping maintenance at your property, take care of this once more before leaving.
  • Repairs: If any damage has occurred during your stay, take the necessary steps to make the repairs before vacating. This includes patching nail and screw holes and repainting areas where you painted a new color.
  • Returning the keys, passes and remotes: Don't forget to return all keys (mailbox, garage, storage, etc), garage openers (check your cars),  pool pass (if applicable) to our office at 1087 Federal Road #7 Brookfield, CT 06804. If all keys/passes/openers are not returned to our office you will be charged.

Security Deposit

  • The security deposit you pay at the outset of your lease serves as protection against any damage that could occur during your stay.
  • You can never use your deposit as your last month's rent. We will perform a final inspection when you move out to check for damages.
  • If we identify any damages, we will schedule repair visits and deduct expenses for these visits from your deposit.
  • The remainder will be returned to you, along with an itemized statement within 30 days from when you move out, return keys and provide your forwarding address.