Landlord Mistake #9: Fair Housing Failures

We’re nearing the finish line, but that doesn’t mean the topics are getting less important. They certainly aren’t. In fact, today’s mistake can be serious. I’m talking about…

Landlord Mistake #9…Fair Housing Failures

Do you know that rental applicants have legal rights? They do! Some landlords think they can just pick and choose tenants based on personal preference. They can’t.

The Federal Fair Housing Act protects tenants from discrimination based on color, race, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, and disability. This seems pretty straight forward, but abiding by the law can be more complex than it seems.

States and cities implement laws that layer additional protections on top of the Fair Housing Act.
And, these laws change with the times. You can’t assume you know them because you read through them several years ago.

In addition to the laws that protect applicants, there are laws that protect the tenants that occupy your property. They specify tenant rights as related to property condition, notices, privacy, process, and their security deposit.

And, these change too.

Violating fair housing law or landlord-tenant law is serious. It can lead to legal complaints and court proceedings. It will deplete time, money, and energy resources. And, if the complainant goes to the press, it might impact your reputation – whether you are guilty or not.

Property Managers take continuing education classes and participate in professional organizations that keep us up-to-date on fair housing and landlord-tenant laws. We also have trustworthy legal counsel that can advise us when an unusual issue arises. Our team will make sure your applicants and tenants have no legal cause for complaint!

Don’t you want that kind of knowledge, understanding, and experience on your side?

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